Third Conference 2011

Third Conference 2011

Hellenic Sociological Society

Call for Papers

The Hellenic Sociological Society is organizing its Third Conference on November 3-5, 2011 in Athens, Greece and is inviting papers on the central conference theme:

Greek Society 1975-2010:  Changes, Transformations, Challenges

During the last decades Greek society has undergone profound transformations and the prevailing socio-economic model seems to have reached its limits. The political system is in crisis and Greek society is experiencing an acute problem of political representation. At the same time, corruption, a phenomenon present in all developed countries, has become a major problem as well. The prevailing socio-economic model needs to be transcended.  This conference hopes to contribute to the formulation of alternative options and the exploration of ways to overcome the present multifaceted crisis.

The conference will address specific issues such as changes in the composition of social classes, emerging forms of social identifications, the relationship between rural areas and urban centres, the problem of poverty, problems posed by migration, changes in the technologies and forms of power, etc.

Paper proposals addressing other sociological issues are also welcome.

Please submit an abstract (300 words) and a brief CV (200 words) to by June 15, 2011. Notice of acceptance will be send in time.
Conference fee: 50 Euros / Student fee: 20 Euros

The President                                                               The General Secretary
Maria Ν. Antonopoulou                                                    Alexandra Halkias
Professor                                                                       Associate Professor